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Thread: I dont own a Ford anymore...

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    I dont own a Ford anymore...

    Sold my GT today to a guy who restores cars. I am now without a Ford for the first time in 15yrs, Ive ended up with 5 VW's instead.

    And I am fine with it.

    Dont know if it is just me or not, but the love just isnt there for me anymore. I am actually happy I don't have to deal with dumbshits who think they know more about my car than I do (or did), and I havent really enjoyed being a Ford owner since the glory days of BA's. My FG was fun, but it was stale, my AU's were awesome and I'll probably buy another one day, but for now I am happy without the pissing contest between GT owners, the stories of 'my mates dads uncles brothers sisters boyfriend' who owned a one off super special secret turbo V8 4wd XR8, and the general attitude towards it.

    In contrast, my VW's I enjoy, I am starting to like them more and more, are they the same as the Fords? No, of course not. The most involvement I have in that community is a facebook page about Amaroks, I spend more time cleaning the Passat than driving it but I like it once it's done. Part of that is me moving into a different stage of my life (I'm a dad now, running 2 businesses, uni degree almost done and spare time is a thing of the past), but part of it is just wanting something different. Never ever thought I would not have a Ford V8 in the shed, well after Friday I dont.
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    Good on you Austin.
    Nothing ever stays the same mate for those with open minds.
    I can understand your mind set but you shouldn't have allowed it getting into your head mate - its the bogan mindset which is quite small minded, water off a ducks back mate.
    If your a car guy like most of us here you get close to what hit the spot especially a local car such as Falcon, doesn't mean it has to be forever just as no more manufacturing.
    Enjoy to VW's.
    YNWA ! off to CL 2018.
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    Big mistake. VW lied and manipulated there cars computers so they would pass smog test and were fined 1.6 billion. I wouldn't trust em as far as I could throw em. Good luck. Youl need it.



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