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Thread: The Holy Grail Introduction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir.richard View Post
    Hey guys,

    Anyone know if the manual gearbox will work with this?
    Im not sure of it's torque limit. Only the autos seem mentioned.

    If not, ideas and rough cost to strengthen the manual innards?
    That's a good question. I assume they have developed and tested the calibration for gear-specific boost and torque maps for both manual and auto, but I don't recall them stipulating that specifically. I would imagine so.
    The factory manual Tremec TR6060 gearbox is pretty strong as is, rated for more than 800Nm or torque.
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    yes agree Colville, I think its no worries regards stick shift.
    They would tune it to suit, don't think a big deal regards this, it is sound enough the ZF is the one for concern but again they have this covered as well.
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