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Thread: Door trim panel

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    Door trim panel

    The interior handle on my BF Falcon wagon has com off and I need to replace the whole of the panel, as this is how it comes. It's the front drivers side interior panel
    Can anyone tell me how to remove the old panel and how is it fastened to the door frame.
    Thanks in advance
    Peter Webster

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    Peter, you'll need to unscrew the window winder, the little cup/grab handle thing on the arm rest, the screws on the bottom of the door trim and I think there is another one or two that are hidden inside the door jamb when the door is closed. Once they're all out give it a hearty tug from the bottom up to release the tension on the clips that hold the door trim in place and presto, it's off

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    What part has come off? You can just replace the handle itself.

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    Pic's ?



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