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Thread: Introducing the TVS 535R

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    Quote Originally Posted by defective View Post
    The sides look much better with the blue reduced.

    With the QLD 100mm thing, I understand it’s any fixed item can’t be below 100mm, a mudflap is flexible so not ‘fixed’ and allowed. Skirts are fixed and will breach.

    All depends on the cop and interpretation as Ian says. That’s the trouble with Australian rules, it’s too grey and too regional.

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    That's my take on this as well.

    Fixed point and morphed into fixed portion or item.

    I can’t speak for all skirts but if you go back to the B series and stick your hand under there, the amount of flat goes up to the second knuckle joint in your finger and the rim edge is less than the ford moulded flaps. If hit underneath directly as the moulded spat does it will flex the same amount. With FG that skirt will just twist and is even less in underneath foot print. If anyone has ever had an FG skirt of its as flexible as paper. It gets it strength from fitting.

    Let’s say you had a 100mm gauge, you would have to twist it for about 40mm and then stand it up. You will find it won’t hit any of the fixed portion of the car which the law states. It must be a fixed point under the car. Can you twist it enough on the leading edge? no, it’s not designed for that but will fold back under or dislodge if hit hard enough. This is for grounding purposes or ramp over which the law currently doesn’t allow for.

    The side skirts on mustang are a little bit the same. If you grab hold of them they will flex and move and as such aren't really part of the car in a fixed sense. If you were to stand on it with your foot you will break or dislodge it because while it is fixed it’s not a fixed point of the car. It will deflect and deform. With mustang it’s the reverse. The leading edge can indeed be lifted. The way it’s been explained to me by and certifying engineer is the skirts intention must be to limit the amount of road debris while being aligned with the wheels. It must be flexible, and it must be designed around impact. This is detail they seem to have that I cant find documented. This is the engineering explanation.

    It’s basically attached in the same way as mudflaps are attached, maybe one screw somewhere but fitted by a thump of the skirt by hand on to retaining clips. In a sports car, because people don't like the look of spats manufacturers design them to act in pretty much the same way. The truth is the police will selectively apply this dependant on the profile that is used in selecting cars for checking.

    If people remember way back, we had a thread about the future of the aftermarket industry and forecast issues such as what has recently occurred in QLD.

    If memory serves me correctly I predicted the laws would crack down on this sort of stuff, possibly even outlawing the tampering of cars based on the electronic complexity. What I didn't predict was organisations like the AAAA stepping up and having a discussion on federal standards and testing consistency.

    I have since modified my stance. I think I will end up being wrong. I am not as convinced now as I was back then that there isn’t reform on the way that clears this stuff up nationally.

    It is actually pretty hard to convict people of speeding. You would think it to be pretty well cut and dry but if you elect to contest a speeding charge you will most likely win in court.
    Like this, the authorities are banking on most people to not contest.

    How the police act is pretty much down to what you say and do on first contact. I have had nothing to do with Vic or NSW police. Have with QLD and SA as well as obviously my home state.

    The again I haven’t had issues dealing with Ford CS either over a very long time and I think part of that comes down to knowing and accepting that if you do certain things with certain cars you will be profiled and targeted where as others around you will be ignored.
    History is a statement, the future is a question.

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