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Thread: 2019 supercars discussion. May contain spoilers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4Vman View Post
    I think those that are getting too cocky about the results need to temper their enthusiasm, every victory is one race closer to a loss....
    And $100

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donut King View Post
    Even before ZB introduced carbon panels VF had introduced aluminium bonnet and bootlid while the FG/FGX was using steel as they had to match the material of the "donor" vehicle at the time.

    Carbon just made the difference greater
    This is what I was getting at. Thanks.

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    Certainly been interesting observing.

    I can sort of understand the reaction based purely on a new body shape. The sport hasn't gone through that sort of introduction before.

    However the sport is basically taking a swing at itself by saying the tests used aren't good enough.

    What have we always said.

    When you are on the losing side they never will be.
    History is a statement, the future is a question.

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