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Thread: Fiesta ST delayed but high specification expected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4Vman View Post
    Somehow Ford finds ways to limit the appeal of very good specials:

    Manual only RS is a perfect example.
    So they are not LGBTI inclusive..... well the city sooks can't go faster than 0.00001km/k over the number on the sign so no one cares....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perko View Post
    It that case will the Endura ST sell? I like the fact that each model has a performance car, exactly like the Falcon did. They didn't always sell in huge numbers but they were a halo product that fit a niche. We whinged that we don't want Ford to become a white goods importer then we need these cars. They offer something that other brands don't. Is the reason they don't sell because Ford got the numbers wrong on the amount to bring in and lack of marketing around them? I never saw any marketing of the ST's anywhere, any model. Yet you see it with the Raptor, and the mainstream models across the range.

    I think that Ford needs the ST range. Will they sell in huge numbers, no. However they have a marketing fit for a group of people that want performance. Ford need to look at that market. If you are using a niche car argument then why did we even bother with FPV?
    ST Endura would sell better then Fiesta ST, plus it has other product to support in the range. Fiesta ST is by itself out in the woods.

    FPV supported Falcon, thats the whole idea.

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    You know Fords problem with Focus/Fiesta ? such a small small portion of people would consider full stop - the numbers prove it.
    Also they kept asking top dollar for them (that they are a good product excl the dsg troubles that won't be forgotten) but the consumer thinks why bother when I can buy tried and proven Kia/Toy/Mazda/Hyundai/VW/Pug etcetcetc......
    You know what Ford should do across the board of both offerings (thats IF they want to be back in this segment in the first place and be a serious player) is dump the prices right across the board, be the Hyundai when they first came to market, you got to bring them back for a huge reason to consider otherwise be happy with the small volumes and likely good GP.
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