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Thread: FG mk2 EcoLpi Blown up

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    FG mk2 EcoLpi Blown up

    Hi all,

    After a bit of advice on behalf of my son. His EcoLpi motor has failed. It has extractors and an XR8 type open air box and pod filter.

    Apparently the engine is not worth a reco (my preferred option), and 2nd hand EcoLpi’s are quite expensive.

    His mates have suggested using a stock petrol motor, I thought a green top Lpg motor would be a better “cheap” alternative.

    Would appreciate any suggestions, advice or knowledge you are willing to share.


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    What's actually failed on it?
    Ecolpis are certainly worth more than a normal n/a motor but still not overly expensive. $1000-1200 price range was common when I was looking for one.
    Ecolpis run higher compression than the petrol motors, so you will lose power and probably need a custom tune.
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    Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure exactly what the damage is, but I do know it seized. I agree and think the compression ratios of all the Barras are about 10.3:1 and the EcoLpi 12:1.

    A petrol or LPG motor is about $500 and EcoLpi $1500+. A lot of money to him. However, I think it’s worth it.

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    I agree. I would take that too.
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