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Thread: Aussie company recycles tyres into fuel

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    Aussie company recycles tyres into fuel

    A Queensland waste oil refinery has successfully produced biodiesel from old car tyres. How awesome is that?
    Commercial biodiesel brewed from waste tyres
    One tyre can produce two litres of fuel
    Queensland company could supply 200 megalitres of fuel
    An oil refinery plant in north Queensland has cracked the code to recycle old car tyres into consumer-grade fuel.

    The plant, run by Southern Oil Refineries in Gladstone in central Queensland, has produced sufficient quantities of biodiesel to start trials in a commercial-grade V8 turbo-diesel engine on its $12 million research and development site.
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    Super cool breakthrough.

    Too bad that the only car which will run on bio diesel is an old school IDI diesel like as per old Land Cruisers, you aren't using that shit on anything common rail.

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    Fabulous! It is a really good way to protect our environment from degradation. I wonder are there any ideas for caravans since I'm a big fan of caravan trips and currently working for this dealer



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