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Thread: Territory tyres

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    Question Territory tyres

    I am calling on some advice from you lot, my dear mums new hubbie, has a Territory, he wishes to drive from Sydney to Perth to Sydney again.
    As you can imagine, this vehicle never goes off road. They have been looking @ Cooper tyres, me, I prefer Yokohama tyres, has anybody had experience with Yokohama Geolander H/TS tyres on their territory? Just to put you in the picture, both mum & my step dad are in their 70'S

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    When I had my Territory, I had to replace they tyres, and went with the OEM GoodYears. I got about 65,000 KMs out of the first set, but traded the car with 115,000 in the clock, before the second set had worn out. If I could get that sort of mileage out of a set of car tyres, my Wife wouldn't need tyres put on her car in the total time of ownership.

    I put Yokahama ADVANSTs on my X5, and took them off just as quickly. They're noisy, and really, really hard. The Michelins that went on it, are awesome.

    Cooper tyres are excellent, and come with a great warranty. As long as the ones they get are made in the USA, they can't go wrong, but for mine, I'd say go for the GoodYear Fortera, which is the standard AWD tyre on the car new.
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