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Thread: Brake lights out, but bulbs are new and fuse is fine???

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    Brake lights out, but bulbs are new and fuse is fine???

    Hey guys I'm scratching my head and hoping there's an obvious answer to this..
    I own a 1996 EF series 2. Recently I replaced a reverse light which was blown. While I had the covers off I changed the opposite reverse light and checked the brake and tail lights. All were fine. After putting it all back together I thought nothing more about it until a mate told me my brake lights weren't working. I opened the boot and pulled out the bulbs out, they looked fine but I replaced them with the appropriate bulbs to be sure. Still the brake lights will not work. The tail and reverse lights do work though. I've checked the fuses under the dash and they are all intact.

    Am I missing something???? Seems odd that they would fail at the exact time I fixed the reverse lights.
    Thanks guys

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    Brake light switch on brake pedal ......common fault

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