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Thread: OS travels business/leisure anybody......

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    I'm currently on a business/leisure trip as we speak - hello from Prague!

    I had a work week in Detroit, then a work week near Stuttgart, then 4 weeks of holidays all around central/eastern Europe (1 week of leisure left to go!), before heading to Cologne for another week of work. Thankfully things worked out with training courses and other deadlines that I could sneak 4 weeks holiday in there... ��
    First overseas business trip, and longest time away from home, this one!

    I'm starting to miss my own bed, and my Mustang... But other than that, things have been great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTe217 View Post
    Pax, did you end up doing this ? if so how was it ?
    Did I what...

    I'm back there again Friday week.

    The trip was pretty damn good.

    This time is a night in London, then fly to Frankfurt, two days driving to Munich (stopping at Wurzburg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber), then to Munich for Oktoberfest. From there we go to Salzburg, then Venice, then Milan, then back to Munich. From there to Paris, one day in Paris we are catching the train to Lille, and driving up to Flanders to have a poke around. After this we are on the Eurostar to London, ten nights in London and then home. Start a new job the week I get home.
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    Good stuff Elements,
    What a great 1st OS business trip - then hols.
    Can understand the missing own bed, bathroom and driving our cherished beloved's, I miss driving very much when I'm away and worse when I'm around those awesum Euro winding roads !

    Glad you had a good trip originally Pax, and now back for more, good luck to you lucky bugger !
    Frankfurt, yer its ok but full of druggies now, we stayed in Praunheim, a very clean nice area just 30mins out of FF, loved it.
    Venice out of this world mate but the tourist's kill me, these last few days I thought how terrible they are ruining the awesum place.
    A tip if having a car, about 40mins drive north of Venice (canal area) I went for a business meet at Vittorio Veneto, on the edge of the mountain range, to die for !
    I felt like I was in Tour De France type of area, had an awesum feed at Revine Lago and I mean awesum ( by the way, the region is most famous for Presseco ) and then went up to check out a castle called Castel Brando, you get a lift to the top of of a mountain it was built on and just love the view of the region, has a couple of restaurants or just get a expresso !
    Milan the fashion HQ, pretty cool, liked Paris better imo and probably the Mrs's thinks the same.
    Enjoy mate.
    I'm jealous of both of you - dieing to get back asap aleardy.
    YNWA ! off to CL 2018.
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